Jan 13, 2021

Do you think you have verrucas?

Verrucas can vary in appearance, you can have a single verruca or multiples and in clusters. They can have a cauliflower appearance or black dots. 

They can be unsightly and sometimes people are embarrassed of them. When your verrucas first appear, they are not always painful, but the build of hard skin over the verruca tissue can make them feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes continuous use of products bought from the pharmacy can make the area sore and inflamed too.


Verrucas are a highly contagious viral lesion which infects the outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis. Verrucas are caught when the skin is compromised by a cut or scrape, and are usually spread in communal areas such as swimming pools, showers and athletic facilities.

There are different treatment options that we offer at Foot corner, from microwave emblation, Verrutop, cryotherapy and chemical treatments.  The best course of treatment will depend on the verruca presentation, your age and medical history.

To finally get rid of those pesky verrucas book your appointment and the Podiatrist will help decide the best treatment plan for you.