Confused About Hiking Boots

May 30, 2022


With the Surrey Hills not too far,  hiking is quite a popular hobby amongst lots of our patients.

It is great to experience the great outdoors but an issue with your feet or footwear can put a damper on this experience.

This blog gives an easy guide on how to buy the perfect pair of hiking boots!



Comfort is the first thing to look out for in a boot. If you put on a pair of boots and find a bump part digging into your ankle or arch, you know you're not going to enjoy that feeling after a couple of hours of walking.  Breaking them in may be an option, however with the current variety of shoes and the modern technology, they should be quite comfortable when walking around the shop. As they say, it should fit like a glove!



You need ankle support when adventuring through tough terrain. If you stand on a rock with a pair of good stable boots, it will never stand a chance at spraining your ankle!

Try the boot on, make sure the boot goes above your ankles and that it is quite stiff. Laces are essential to tighten or loosen it to your needs!

This of course depends on your terrain, if necessary you don’t have to follow this instruction but make sure they are stable everywhere else!


Traction or Thread on the Soles:

Be sure to have a good thread on the soles of the boot and this, of course, depends on the terrain. If it's raining and you are on a muddy track, you will need good traction to stop you slipping.



Pick up the boot, is it a tonne weight or is it like a feather. It should not be either, but have a good balance. The weight depends on what you prefer, if it’s too heavy you will struggle to finish out your hike and if it’s too light, it won’t last very long.


Water Resistant:

How well will the hiking boots battle the elements? Will you be hiking in soggy socks or happy feet.



Can these boots stack up trail after trail, month after month or will they tap out come shoulder season?


Finally, we want the boot to function like your foot was designed to do. A lot of patient’s come to us at Foot Corner with very stiff boots that won’t bend anywhere. Now, this is great for climbing K2, but around here there are certain criteria that we would recommend to look out for.

Pick the boot up:

It should be laced.

It should bend where your big toe joint bends and nowhere else.

The heel height should be between 1.5 to 3 inches, no higher or lower.

It should be stable and most importantly very comfortable.


There are no brands we recommend. But we do recommend trying out different outdoor shops and take your time before you spend your hard earned money!