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Nail Reconstruction


Toenail reconstruction is the restoration of a previously damaged nail. It is carried out by a qualified podiatrist for cosmetic purposes. The process of this treatment involves application of a number of layers of a special gel to the damaged nail or a portion of the nail.  The gel used for toenail reconstruction is different to the gel used for acrylic nails. It is an acryl ester which is bonded to the permanently exposed nail until it grows out. Every patient is different, but most patients get around 6 weeks with their medical grade artificial nail. 

Patients That Would Benefit From This Treatment Include Those With:

  • Fungal Nail Infections
  • Nails Damaged by Trauma
  • Psoriatic Nails
  • Thickened Nails
  • Split Nails
  • Corns Beneath the Nails
  • Curved or Ingrown Nails

Many clients with damaged or infected nails are unsuitable for treatment in traditional beauty salons due to the risk of cross contamination. Using aseptic techniques and medical background, this treatment is a perfect option for patients who want an aesthetic look to their toenails while also having the underlying toenail pathologies treated at the same time.

Nail reconstruction can be used as simple instant cover-ups for unsightly nails. It is slightly flexible so it is less likely to break in shoes and it is shaped to properly fit the nail so it won't pop off like a false nail.

It can be used as a protective cover and cosmetic improvement while treating fungal nails.

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