High Heels

High Heels Don’t Just Cause Foot Pain

May 05, 2022


Some women just loooove a pair of high heels. Without any doubt we know that they can't be comfortable and definitely aren't the correct fit for feet, but they still sell and we see women wearing them. 

However, from a podiatrists point of view we at Foot Corner don’t recommend wearing heels higher then 4 centimeters, and this is because we know the damage high heels can actually do.

The higher the heels you wear the more pressure there is being transferred to the front of your foot. This leads to……..

1. Posture:

High heels place the heel unnaturally above your toes which throws your whole body, your hips, shoulder, spine and your back totally out of line which long term puts considerable pressure on your lower back as the muscles are not able to function effectively.

2. Ball of the foot pain:

Wearing heels forces more pressure forward into the front of the foot, which can lead to a condition called Mortons Neuroma which is pain in the foot just before the toes which is also increased due to age.

3. Ankle injuries:

Wearing heels affects balance and increases the chances of falling over especially going over on the outside of the foot. Injuries can include sprains or broken bones.

4. Pump bump aka Haglunds deformity:

This is an bony enlargement on the back of the heel which can be caused by straps and rigid backs of pump-style shoes which causes an irritation by rubbing on the heel.

5. Achilles tendon:

Heels place unnecessary stress on the Achilles tendon causing it to shorten and become tight. Which can become permanent if heels are worn regularly then when you wear flat shoes this stretches the Achilles irritating it and can lead to tendinitis.

6. Bunions

Tight fitting shoes tend to squeeze the big toe joint into a bunion which can cause a multitude of issues, such as causing pain in a non-painful bunion, irritation of the skin over the bunion and the formation of callus and corns.

7.The knee:

Walking in heels forces your weight forward therefore puts a considerable amount of pressure on the inside of the knee.

Recent research has stated it can be as much as 26% more pressure through the knee wearing heels compared to flats which can lead to arthritis, the painful degenerative disease in the knee. 

So if you must wear high heels then be prepared for the probable consequences.