It feels like a stone under my foot!

It feels like a stone under my foot!

Mar 23, 2021


Corns are often described as stone under the foot. 


They start with an occasional pain and as time goes on they can be there with every step.

It can affect everyday life, from household chores to competitive running.


The cause can be from the way you walk, your foot shape  to the shoes you are wearing.  Due to the pressure and forces to the area, the body feels it needs to protect itself and so it starts to form some callus(hard skin).  As the pressure and forces build up so does the hard skin.  This causes the hard skin to form a corn which is hard skin pushed into the area.


You might try to file the hard skin off, acid treatments or even buy insoles to cushion the area, but until that corn isn’t removed the pain won’t disappear.


As podiatrist we are able to diagnose the cause of the corn, remove the corn for you and give advice to prevent or delay it from causing you pain again. This can be from footwear advice to custom made orthotics.


If this sounds like you, don’t put up with the pain anymore, give us a call today


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