Pregnancy and Feet

Mar 26, 2021


Foot Problems During Pregnancy


During pregnancy the expectant mum's body goes through different changes and sometimes they can cause a few problems to the feet.

Knowing what to expect will help manage them.

During pregnancy the hormone levels change in the body especially the hormones oestrogen and relaxin.  Within the foot the collagen stretches the soft tissues and this can cause the foot to change shape and size. The foot can roll inward, which puts more stress on the inside of the feet, which can result in flat feet, plantar fasciitis and bunions.

Due to the increased flexibility of the foot and ankle joints and curvature of the spine many women have to change the way they walk(gait).  To maintain stability and balance the legs are further apart whilst walking.

As the pregnancy continues some women have increased fluid retention, this can cause swelling of the feet and legs, cramps and calf pain. Keeping the feet moving by bending, stretching and rotating them will improve the circulation. Regular walking and massaging the swollen area will help.

The swelling of the feet can cause tightness around the nail area, which may be painful and prone to ingrown toenails.

Footwear choices are very important during this period, making sure that they are supportive, accommodating of the swelling and wide enough around the heel and toe box not causing any pressure.

The skin on the soles of  the feet can become dry and hence cause deep cracks especially around the heels, keeping the feet well moisturised will prevent any painful cracks from developing.

Post pregnancy, as the body's hormone levels change again and the ligament and muscles tighten up, the shape and size of the feet and gait correct themselves.


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